Another long time to update my works but here are a few additions.

A favorite subject of mine, Chris Reeve. I plan on casting this soon in silicone and try my first attempt on doing hair punching. This is an earlier photo, I have long since fixed the ears. Hope to have pictures of the finished piece. This is 1/6 scale.


Here are some other heads other heads of likenesses. G. Clooney:



This is supposed to be Gene Hackman to accompany my Reeve sculpt. I haven't touched this in months and I think I am ready to re-visit this face and try to get it closer to the actor's likeness.

Finally, my latest works. Still in progress but these are commission work and the smallest likenesses I have attempted to date. These are about 1/12 or 1/10 scale, designed to fit on Neca's figure bodies. 

Ralf Moeller and Dolph Lundgren.

I plan on doing several versions of the Lundgren head. Specifically, the hairstyle. 3 in total: Masters of the universe movie version, MoTu version and and the Universal soldier version. Pardon the hair work, these are temporary to help visualize the face. 


These are still being worked on Dudikoff and Gibson.







Heads UP! 10/28/08

A new venture.  I am currently sculpting heads for 1/6 scale articulated figures. Can you guess who they are? Castings are available. = 20 + S/H contact me for further details Amusedjester@socal.rr.com