This section shows the pieces that I handed out as gifts.

A christmas present for my parents. I wanted to do a Wedding topper style representation of their Wedding picture.


The next one is a dragon piece entitled " A Myth-appropriated Feeling"

--A moor Dragon - an easily ensnared creature, often due to having its head in the clouds with wild fancies. But beware, capture of A moor dragon will turn one's world upside down and lower one's intelligence factor and may eventually lead to a life of servitude, jealousy and bankruptcy. (See subspecies - The Vorce Dragon) ** 



**I always liked Robert Asprin's Myth Novels and also found Ambrose Bierce's humor in his Devil's dictionary quite funny.


A photoshopped version of my Wonder Woman piece. I am giving a copy towards a Painter/collector for services rendered.  Thanx Anthony!